• Lakisha Winters Masters Level Graduate Student supervised by Jane Kong LPC-S

    Lakisha Winters works as a Master’s Level Graduate Student Intern and Counselor in Training. She graduated with a B.S. in Family Studies and Gerontology from Southern Nazarene University (Bethany, OK) in 2022. She is pursuing a Master of Arts in Counseling at The Family Institute at Northwestern University (Evanston, IL). Lakisha also served as an active member of the United States Army for several years before transitioning back to civilian life, which gave her unique insight into how challenging it can be for veterans to adjust after experiencing military culture and trauma first-hand.

    Her research interests include domestic violence and narcissistic abuse prevention; sexual orientation minority populations; intersectionality; trauma-informed care; crisis intervention strategies as well as cultural competency within the field of counseling through studying different aspects of psychology, i.e., family systems theories, cognitive behavioral therapies, and interpersonal relationship dynamics. Her focus is Psychoanalytical Theory and a Person-centered approach. Lakisha has developed a comprehensive understanding that will help guide clients toward healthier lives. With this knowledge, she aims to create meaningful change in individuals through education and awareness.

    Finally, Lakisha has been recognized for her achievements and leadership throughout her educational career. She has received prestigious awards such as the National Military Service Award, Honors, and Distinguished Achievement Award for Academic and Leadership. Her passion lies in helping individuals overcome their struggles by advocating change to promote social justice towards marginalized groups while creating safe spaces where everyone can thrive regardless of gender identity or race/ethnicity background.

    Direct email: [email protected]
    Direct phone line:  ‪(972) 588-4117